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Alphabet learning is too atomic

Really good app, and I paid for the polyglot version to brush up on a few languages I need help on in vocab and start another language
or two.

I find it really tough to learn and retain new alphabets under your system since every letter/character is “atomic” and you don’t get to synergizing them into words until later topics.

This is especially true of Korean where Hangul is made up of syllabic blocks, so individual characters don’t really mean a whole lot out of context, and once you get to words you are dealing with 2-3 characters per block, so often 10-12 characters to internalize. It’s a little much.

The workbook we used when I learned hiragana and katakana included words to learn as we practiced writing the characters, showing how they went together and sounded together. Something like this would be a lot more effective in my opinion.



Thanks for learning languages with Drops, and sending us constructive feedback, we really appreciate it!

We constantly work on improving the app and the content. I’ll share your suggestions regarding Korean characters with the team, discuss it and we’ll see what we can do!


@ The Drops Support Team

I would also like to see alphabet sections for learning languages where both the origin and target language use Latin characters. For example, in English “y” is named “why” but in French is I-grec pronounced “ee-grek”. Similarly, I/E are confused as are g/j as their names are different in the different languages. Similarly, sounds represented by consonant clusters are different English’s “sh” is “ch” in French.