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Admin, where are you?

I see several posts in the Russian section in need of a response, including numerous items that need to be fixed in the app. I know the admin is busy, but I see lots of attention given elsewhere. Here are two snapshots - the first shows the latest activity on the community board (LOTS of Admin replies!) - and the second is of just the Russian section (no replies at all to several posts, and the last reply was back in March). Do we not matter?

All languages matter @dontaylor2!

We keep collecting the feedback on the content, including Russian, and highly appreciate all your reports on words and gameplay errors. We constantly working on refining the app and the content.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a time estimate when the fixes will be released, but please stay tuned!

Thank you. I care much less about the time estimate than I do about knowing we are being heard. I appreciate the response.

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