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Adding custom words


Great app! Thanks so much.

I just need one more feature, and this app would be the best :slight_smile:

I want to be able to add my own words. You don’t have all the words. And, as you say your app is just a complementary tool, I obviously use some other sources to learn a language. It would be great when I see a new word, and you don’t have it in your app, to add it, so I can learn it too. Otherwise I just forget it.


Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sharing your suggestion with us!

That is indeed a great idea, and something we definitely think about! :slight_smile: I can’t give you a time estimate when the custom content option will be available, but please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team


You could also use custom user-added words to get some good statistics on which words people really need when starting to learn a new language.
Maybe, some languages have certain words which are more important to learn, and other languages have others.

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That’s an idea we’re thinking about @nbrummerstedt! :slight_smile: I can’t give you a time estimate when any of these suggestion will be implemented, but we constantly work on improvements.