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I just started learning mandarin chinese with drops and I’m really enjoy it, thanks for the great app! However I’ve noticed inconsistencies in some symbols. For example, the “yán” symbol that the app asks you to drawn is different from the “yán” symbol it shows you when it teaches you. The difference seems little but it confused me, because I don’t know which is the right one. The same thing happens with the “yòu” simbol. It is shown as a single straight line when the app asks me to drawn, but as a 3-stroke symbol afterwards. The difference in this one seems bigger and more dramatical, because a single straight line is also “yi” symbol. So far I’ve noticed this kind of inconsistency in: chuò, mián, yòu, mì. Are these inconsistencies supposed to be there?

I am a Chinese user. I download your software from huawei app store.But you can’t pay for it, and you can’t increase your study time by reading ads.

Hello, where are you from?I’m Chinese.We can communicate. My WeChat is 15579222205

Dear @hgeuu2u,
Nice you offer some help, though not everybody in the world is (not yet) using WeChat.
Why can’t you pay for a premium version? Due to Huawei or due to the lack of Chinese payment facilities that match those of Drops?