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Here you can find all the languages we currently teach in Drops. If you miss a language, you can vote or ask for it here: Languages for Future Updates

Hello, I was wondering if there were any plans to make courses for more Filipino Languages? I highly recommend Cebuano.

I really wish you add Serbian and I like how fast you react and give feedback. I was already informed it would take you 3-6 months for this course and I am wondering if you started it and if I can help with it because I am fluent in English and Serbian.

Hi there,

That is correct, we consider adding new languages, like Serbian, but no, we have not started to working on it just yet. I can’t really give a time estimate on when it’s going to happen exactly, but we always work on improvements.

We really appreciate your offer to help, we might get in touch if we start working on language additions and need Serbian skills. :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

Hey just wanted to let you know that in the chinese (cantonese) version, the word avocado under the vegetable tab is translated wrongly. It’s translated as 牛油 which is butter in english. Also the translation for broccoli and cauliflower are the same 椰菜花 which translates to cauliflower in english which implies that the translation for broccoli is incorrect.

Hi @Grace_Aw,

Thanks for playing Drops and letting us know about your findings! We’re sorry about any mistake and inconvenience!

We’ll double check the words you listed, and we’ll correct them, as soon as possible!

Keep learning, and let us know if you have any other feedback on the Chinese language:


@ The Drops Support Team

Hi i’m trying to learn thai and the Thai alphabet spelling its very difficult to differentiate. A lot of them have the same spelling and i can’t track my progress very well that way. I’m an english speaker learning thai, all the Thai alphabet sound differently but there spelt the same on the app. Help please its in the Thai Consonants/vowels area.

I would like to suggest Slovenian, what I can also help you with because I am native speaker.
It is challenging language, that so far I didn’t find any of the famous apps taking care of. I wonder would it work for Drops.

We’re adding your request to

so we have all suggestions in one place.

Hi ! I’m currently learning Polish with Drops (French native speaker) and there is a typo with the French translation of ‘rozstać się’ (we broke up) it is ‘nous avons rompu’ and not ‘nous avons rompus’ :slight_smile:

Need to report an error in Indonesian. The app states ‘Aku belanja’ is ‘I climb’ - it’s actually ‘I shop’ or ‘I am shopping’.

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Hello drops,
I learn Swedish. But want to say about Russian word which you suggest as a translation of “slev” - черпак. This is old fashion word, more usual is “половник”


mir wurde beim britischen Englisch für das Wort “turnstile” als Übersetzung in die deutsche Sprache “Eingangstor” vorgeschlagen, zu sehen ist aber auf dem Piktogramm (und das wäre auch die korrekte Übersetzung nach meiner Meinung) ein Drehkreuz! Die Entsprechung für das Eingangstor wäre “entrance gate”.

Viele Grüße - Steffen

I am curious and would like to know how the 2000 words for the Maori list were chosen. Were they based on a Maori frequency list or an English frequency list? Or was the list compiled by the Māori consultant? Or something else?! Thanks!

I’m a Malay native speaker and I hope Malay will be available soon. I already asked Duolingo to create one but it seems that they won’t make one in the near future.

I’m a Chinese native speaker and I’m learning Japanese with Drops now. I think it’s a great APP except some little translation mistakes.
The Japanese word あう which is translated as 我见 in Chinese is a strange translation because we Chinese never use 我见 instead of 见面. Such strange translations also appear in many other Japanese words which meanings contain the belonging of “I” but they are not very serious. I hope this question will be taken seriously and wish a better APP!