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About the 蛍 drop


It seems there’s a confusion between 2 different species of insects :

  • 蛍 and its (correct) pronunciation, which means “firefly” (an insect glowing in the dark)
  • the translation (“firebug” in english, “gendarme” in french), with the picture of a firebug (an insect with a specific red and black pattern)


Thank you for your hard work, and have a nice day!


I just saw, that were was a previous report of a similar problem for the (islandic→japanese) :

  • ピロコリスアプテルス seems to be the transliteration of “Pyrrhocoris apterus” which the scientific latin binomial name for the “firebug”,
  • While “蛍 / ホタル” is a “firefly/glowworm” (and blysbjalla seems indeed the Icelandic word for firefly).

Agreed. Like the Studio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies 垂るの墓.

Closing this thread here and adding the posts to

so we have all feedback on this in one place.