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About the 蛍 drop



It seems there’s a confusion between 2 different species of insects :

  • 蛍 and its (correct) pronunciation, which means “firefly” (an insect glowing in the dark)
  • the translation (“firebug” in english, “gendarme” in french), with the picture of a firebug (an insect with a specific red and black pattern)


Thank you for your hard work, and have a nice day!


I just saw, that were was a previous report of a similar problem for the (islandic→japanese) :

  • ピロコリスアプテルス seems to be the transliteration of “Pyrrhocoris apterus” which the scientific latin binomial name for the “firebug”,
  • While “蛍 / ホタル” is a “firefly/glowworm” (and blysbjalla seems indeed the Icelandic word for firefly).


Agreed. Like the Studio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies 垂るの墓.