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About the 水牛 drop

Greetings !

There’s a drop about “水牛” [すいぎゅう] which is translated as Buffalo, but there’s a problem with the silhouette picture that does not match the word 水牛. :sweat:

Buffalo is a treacherous blanket word for quite different species, and in this case there’s a confusion between :

  • “水牛” the “Water Buffalo” (水 being “water” and 牛 “cow”) :water_buffalo:
  • “バイソン” the “Bison”, which is actually matching the silhouette image in the app.

Suggestions from the easiest fix to the best fix :

  • change the word from “水牛” to “バイソン” and the translation to “Bison” to match the picture
  • change the translation to “Water buffalo”, and add a matching silhouette, in order to match the word “水牛”
  • create 2 drops to differentiate the 2 animal species

References links :

Thank you for the hard work, and have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face: