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A Missing Element

The strokes used in East Asian writing also known as symbols are shown in the collection drawer. It would be a great benefit to all that the
pronounced and ‘native’ spelling is included as well. Trust me i know if you tap on the corresponding word(s) it will say it for you, but how am i supposed to learn how to spell it and examine the details within thoes characters. This should be included to all languages that use this style of writing. @admin
<3 Khlaid_Gill

Like this

and this

The best of both worlds. Let me know if you need more clarity.


this is a great idea.

I also would love to have an option, where I can re-enable the pronunciation of the characters while training them, as they disappear after a while.

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Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your ideas @Khlaid_Gill and @Livingcrayon!

We’ll discuss the suggestions with the team, and we’ll see what we can do.

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@admin I suggest to add the pronunciation also for Cantonese, not only Chinese.

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