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20 minutes reward for inviting friends


I referred 2 people to Drops who downloaded the app. I have not received the related rewards. I was told to message the enterprise through the help menu. I did that more than 1 week ago. I still haven’t received any answer. I replied to another post on the same topic, I’m not getting any answer there too.
What’s happening?


Hi @Spacec4t,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

I tried to find your help request in our system but neither your name, nor your email address showed any results. Can you please log in to the Drops app, go to Profile, open Settings and send a message (again) by clicking on Help there?

We’ll be able to assist you, as soon as we receive a message from you, directly from the app.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi Gina, thank you for your swift reply. I’ll do what you ask, but please note that I sent you guys another message through the Help section at the same time as I did on this community board. It was probably my 5th message through the Help section. Also I sent a couple of messages by replying to thread on this website. You answered the first but none of the following ones.


Hi @Spacec4t,

I just double checked our system, but I can’t see any new messages regarding missing bonus time, I’m really sorry!

I am trying to follow up with you by sending a direct message to your email address to resolve this unfortunate issue.

We highly appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi Gina, that’s great. I’m waiting for the email. Didn’t see anything yet in my inbox, nor in the spam folder.


Also, I got a reply to my comment on GooglePlay that I should message you through the help section of the app and add “the ID number of my previous help request”.
What is that?
I have never received any such number nor was I aware that they existed. I would very much appreciate if you could clarify this for me.
Also, I still haven’t received any email as you mentioned that you would do.


Hi @Spacec4t,

I have sent you an email to your Gmail address that you used to register here in the community. The ID number of that message is #43361.

You should receive an email about each help request you submitted that includes the ID number (you can find it in the reply-to field, or in the email body like “Your request (#)”).


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi again @Spacec4t,

We have read the review you posted, and your new help request #43515 which I have replied to a few minutes ago.

Please, try to check the Updates tab in your Gmail inbox, our responses might end up there, instead of your Primary inbox:

We appreciate your patience and constant cooperation!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi Gina,
I just found your email from yesterday March 20th that showed that the problem is solved now.
Thank you very much for your help and for solving this, I really appreciate it.


I’m happy to hear it @Spacec4t, thank you for the update! :slight_smile: