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Hello! Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, help for Drops users, news about Drops, and conversations about languages. Feel free to participate. You’ll see Drops team members around, too!


Do you know a better translation for a word? Did you find a typo that you want to report? Or maybe you’d like to request another language. Here you can share your opinion with us about everything related to the languages we teach.

Plans & Subscriptions

Do you want to know more about Drops subscriptions? This is the right place to ask about plans and purchases.


Oh, snap! Something went wrong with Drops and you can’t find help in the FAQ? Check out our troubleshooting tips and suggestions here. If you have a question, please share the following details: the problem description, screenshots, the version of Drops, device type, and operating system version.

Feature Requests

Here you can share your feature requests, suggestions and ideas on how to improve Drops!


Hello! Here you will find news about Scripts, and conversations about character learning. Feel free to participate. As we are the creator of Scripts, you’ll see Drops team members around, too!

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Here you can share your thoughts about the Drops Community with us. Do you have ideas or suggestions for how we can improve the forum? Feel free to let us know.