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Turn off notifications (12)

You can set the time you’d like to receive notifications in the app’s Profile menu. If you want to turn notifications off completely, you can do so in your phone’s settings.

My purchase can't be restored - What can I do? (12)

All transactions are connected to your Apple ID or Play Store account. If you need help restoring your purchase on a new device, please follow these steps: Log in to the original device with the same Apple / Google Pl…

"Please log in with a different provider" (9)

You need to use the same provider (email, Facebook or Google) you selected when you first logged in to Drops to log in.

About the Troubleshooting category (10)

Oh, snap! Something went wrong with Drops and you can’t find help in the FAQ? Search the troubleshooting tips and suggestions here. If you still need assistance, please message us from the app’s Help section.

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