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How do I restore my purchase? [Plans & Subscriptions] (18)

All transactions are connected to your Apple ID or Play Store account. If you need help restoring your purchase on a new device, please follow these steps: Log in to the original device with the same Apple / Google Pl…

About the Plans & Subscriptions category [Plans & Subscriptions] (17)
Apple family sharing - Premium subscription [Plans & Subscriptions] (8)

I’ve just started using the free version of the Portuguese Drops app on my iPhone. I have 2 other family members in my Family Sharing group with Apple. If I pay for Premium once, will all three of us have unlimited tim…

Polyglot does not work on family sharing [Plans & Subscriptions] (7)

Does polyglot unlimited time for all languages work with the family sharing plan? It says it does on the App Store.

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