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Hoi! Wanna learn cool stuff in Dutch like kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan? You just came to the right place! Let’s learn all the fun things together! If you run into a problem with a word, translat…

3 May 24, 2019
How many words are there in the Dutch course?

I’ve been playing for about a week now, and I love this app so much more than any other I’ve tried I de ided to pay for it. But I wanted to ask how many words there are in the Dutch course. The topics I’ve done so far ha…

4 May 28, 2019
Wrong spelling of "yoghurt" 2 May 21, 2019
El calabacín translation 2 May 21, 2019
Topics: Countries & More Countries - UK/GB and Ireland [Edited] 1 March 17, 2019
Wrong translation keukenrol 3 February 11, 2019
Make sound volume uniform 4 February 11, 2019
Please add De or het for each corresponding word 4 February 11, 2019