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🇹🇷Turkish Merhaba! Bored of learning Turkish alone? Why not join us in here and learn together? Hawaiian Aloha! Wanna learn Hawaiian? You’re at the right place! Come in here and let’s share tips and tricks! 🇰🇷Korean Annyeong! Do you want to be amazing at Korean? Join this community here and let’s learn together ^ㅅ^ 🇹🇭Thai Sawat di! Learning Thai? Why not do it with a bunch of others? Yes, that’s what we have in here: tips and tricks for learning Thai from a group of cool people!^ Esperanto Saluton! Learning Esperanto but you still feel completely lost? Or you’re a pro who loves helping others? Why not meet in here and join forces? 🇫🇷French Bonjour! Learning French? And you already know more than baguette or croissant? Join the French learning community and share your trips and trick on how get better at the language of love! 🇯🇵Japanese Kon’nichiwa! Wanna learn Japanese? You’re at the right place! Come in here and let’s share tips and tricks! 🇩🇪German Hallo! Wanna join the 100 million German speakers? Let’s learn together here! 🇺🇸🇬🇧American English & British English Hello! Do you want to be a pro at English? Look no further! We’re here for you! Join us and let’s do it! 🇩🇰Danish Hej! Are you looking for learning buddies to help you become a pro at Danish? Don’t be shy, come in and we’ll help ya! 🇮🇸Icelandic Hæ! Dreaming of becoming a pro at Icelandic? Look no further! We have everything you’ll need! 🇮🇹Italian Ciao! Just started learning Italian? Or you’re a pro already? Either way, sharing is caring and learning together is always more fun! Come in and share some knowledge like you would share your pasta! 🇭🇺Hungarian Szia! Started learning Hungarian, and you wanna know more than paprika and pálinka? Perfect! Let’s share some Hungarian knowledge in here! 🇮🇩Indonesian Hai! Indonesian language you say? We have everything you need: tips and tricks plus a great community! Come in~ 🇻🇳Vietnamese Xin chào! So your dream is to be able to speak Vietnamese? What a coincidence! That is our dream too! Why not join us in making dreams come true? 🇮🇳Hindi Nemset! Learning Hindi but you don’t have anyone around who could help you? Why not come in here? We have answers, tips and tricks, and a fun community^^ 🇪🇸Castilian Spanish & Latin-American Spanish Hola! Do you want to learn Spanish and find some amigos too? Join us in this topic and let’s share our love for the Spanish language! 🇳🇴Norwegian Hei! Wanna be part of a cool community AND learn Norwegian at the same time?! Yes, we have that in here, so why not join us?! 🇸🇪Swedish Hej! Are you a native Swedish speaker? Or maybe just started learning? Let’s unite and help each other in here! 🇮🇱Hebrew Ha’i! Do you want to be an amazing Hebrew speaker? We wanna be that too! Let’s join forces and reach our goals together! 🇷🇺Russian Privet! Loving the Russian language? We do too! Come in and let’s learn together! 🇳🇱Dutch Hoi! Wanna learn cool stuff in Dutch like kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan? You just came to the right place! Let’s learn all the fun things together! Polish 🇵🇱 Cześć! Learning Polish? Join the Polish learning community and share your trips and trick on how get better at the language of love! 🇨🇳Mandarin Chinese / Cantonese Nǐ hǎo! Learning the most spoken language in the world? Wanna share your knowledge? Or do you have questions? Would you like to talk to other learners? You’re at the right place, come in~ 🇵🇭Tagalog (Filipino) Kumusta! You’re learning Tagalog but you still have a bunch of questions? Fret not! We’re here to help you. Just come in and ask^^ 🇦🇪Arabic Marḩabaⁿ! Are you learning Arabic, the fifth most spoken language in the world (that is also one of the hardest ones to learn)?! We’ll help you and you can help us too! Come in~ 🇵🇹🇧🇷European Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese Olá! Everything is more fun together! So why would you learn Portuguese alone? Join us in here and let’s share our knowledge and love for the Portuguese language!
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Wrong Word - How to Report

Did you find a problem with a word in Drops? We’re sorry about that! We constantly work hard on improving the content, and we highly appreciate your feedback! Please, report the error you run into by clicking on the fla…

7 May 28, 2019
Languages for Future Updates

Would like to nominate the following languages for your next updates Afrikaans Bengali Finnish Irish Maori Mongolian Swahili

100 May 28, 2019
About the Languages category 18 March 26, 2019
Different apps for specific languages 12 June 4, 2019
Wrong pronunciation for שמן and רזה 2 May 24, 2019
Sound File Corrupted 2 May 24, 2019
Dojo does not work in Japanese version for the IPAD 2 May 23, 2019
Muffin is spelled muffin 2 May 21, 2019
Push alert is not arrived 3 May 21, 2019
Saying the wrong thing! 3 May 21, 2019
Errors in topic pronouns - mentioned before but not addressed in latest upgrade 2 May 21, 2019
Inconsistancies between sound and visual 2 May 21, 2019
Food - More Silly Words and Another Error 5 May 21, 2019
A Crucial Component 3 May 21, 2019
Baby and More Baby Sections Repeated 3 May 21, 2019
More Baby Topic Typo 3 May 21, 2019
Yeni kategori isteği 2 May 21, 2019
Incorrect Cantonese Characters 2 May 21, 2019
Too many mistakes 6 May 21, 2019
Wrong spelling of "yoghurt" 2 May 21, 2019
"Ich erhöhe" – both image and translation are wrong 3 May 21, 2019
Sound Bug in Hospital Section 2 May 21, 2019
Mistake in Indonesian course 3 May 21, 2019
Written text and spoken words differ sometimes 12 May 21, 2019
Days of the week 2 May 21, 2019
English -> Russian things to fix #1 (dontaylor2) 11 May 21, 2019
Vegetables - translation error (jap/french) 5 May 21, 2019
Errors in Drops (Japanese) - merged 4 May 21, 2019
Italian Food Errors 2 May 21, 2019
Error in Icelandic 24 May 21, 2019