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Hi! We put together this survey to better understand your motivation behind learning a new language with Drops. By completing the survey you will really help us understand how we can improving Drops for all of you. Li…

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Enhanced Statistics (4)
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Text size too small (3)
Norwegian Articles (1)
Streak problems (7)
Different tablets (1)
‘Collection’ options (1)
Language for kids (1)
Press to continue (5)
Total time studied (3)
Richtige Bilder anstelle von komischen Zeichnungen (2)
Option to avoid characters exercises (2)
Please, add time for repite words (1)
Prepositions practise? (2)
The lack of definite articles in Dutch (9)
Wanting to learn sentences (2)
Login / password (2)
"Report error" button (3)
Adding Finnish to languages (3)
Few questions and possible improvements (1)
How many words in collection (1)
iPad Pro Landscape Mode (4)
Better idea to this app for all Languages (4)
Disable the help feature? (7)
Reset individual word progress (because of the update!) (3)
Sound volume option (5)
Share recently learned words (2)